Monday, January 16, 2012


First, I decided that Chapter 6 of The Longing Way Home was just too long so I’ve divided it into two chapters - i.e. First Speed Bump Question - Chapter 6 and Second Speed Bump Question - Chapter 7. In addition to minor editing, this editorial change means writing two Memoir Supplements, one for each chapter. If you’ve already read the longer version of Chapter 6, the not previously written memoir supplement for that chapter, will be new, as will be the memoir supplement for Chapter 7 which you might already have read since it was originally part of the first version of Chapter 6. In addition, I’m also working on Chapter 8 - Third Speed Bump Question which I alluded to at the end of the original Chapter 6 and is now the end of Chapter 7. I apologize for any confusion this causes readers.

Second. I suspect that anyone who follows my blog book totally agrees with the fact that my blog posts submitted as chapters of a book, are challengingly, even distressingly long, especially for a blog which is typically short. I really do not know how to remedy that problem and still try to write a blog in the form of a serious book. I have experience writing books but not blogs so to try to bring those two enterprises together could be a demanding if not impossible undertaking. vulva

I am saddened by the shrinking of print media accompanied by the difficulty of locating publishers for religious books that are not mainstream oriented which, in my view, is a bit of an indictment of mainstream churches or self-serving or institutional priority forms of Christianity -- or at least a significant number or portion of them. I admit that may be too harsh and unfair a judgement but it does explain something of my view and my dilemma. I do not mean in any way for this explanation to be an expression of self-pity or to single myself out as a victim of changing kinds of communication. It is simply an admission of my limitation in how to address the issue in a reasonably effective way and my discouragement with the process of writing a blog book which takes time that tries readers’ patience as well as my own. I have suggested, and do so again now, that if possible readers of my blog book print out each chapter and read it as if it were a book. I’m not a great technological wizard, or even close, but maybe you are and can easily do that. I do it by copying the computer version of the blog book, opening the Word Perfect of whatever program you have for printing material you write, opening a clear page, hitting the Paste option, then making the copy whatever size or font you chose and printing it. Try it if you want to. Or not.

I have seriously considered ending my effort to write in this form and am still wondering about whether that would really be the best alternative for all concerned. I may be walking alone down a blind alley with this effort, or better, walking with others who have tried to do a blog book and decided to give it up as a waste of everyone’s time. Right now, I am committed to finishing the two pending memoirs and Chapter 8 - Third Speed Bump - The Longing Way Home and its memoir supplement primarily to satisfy myself and fulfilling a promise I made to do that. At that point, I’ll see where I am and what direction to follow from there. I hope your patience will not runout before then. Thank you for going this far with me on The Longing Way Home.

God bless you always, in all ways,


  1. Rev. Loder, my name is Frances Robinson. You wrote "Guerrillas of Grace" many years ago. I've had that book of yours a long, long time now, and I love it more now than when I first bought it. Plus, my ex-BF just retired and just turned 75. "I Teeter on The Brink of Endings" means a great deal to us both. Thank you so much for this book.

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